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Downtown Revitalization

Business Recruitment & Retention

Support Local Business


Facade Improvements



Community Involvement

A local Main Street program represents and involves organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals from throughout the community — not just those who own property or businesses in the commercial district or who have a direct economic tie to it, but all members of the community who are interested in the district's overall health.


By actively involving a broad range of interests and perspectives from the public and private sectors in the revitalization process, the Main Street program leverages the community's collective skills and resources to maximum advantage. The Main Street organization should have the active participation of various stakeholders at the committee and board levels, including such constituents as:

Local government

Civic groups

Regional planning groups

Community development organizations

Real estate agents


Property owners

Religious institutions

Business owners

Historic preservation organizations

School groups and students

Financial institutions

Architects and building contractors

District/neighborhood resident

In addition to marketing and events that bring people and business to Downtown, the Pikeville Main Street Program along with the landscaping team at UMG run a comprehensive beautification program which promotes and encourages activities that improve the appearance of downtown. We believe that community partnerships are essential for the growth of downtown and Pikeville as a whole. 


Downtown Pikeville is a unique asset for the community as a business center, residential, arts and cultural hub.  Several thousand people work or visit the downtown district each day.  Our beautification program serves to enhance the aesthetic and business environment of Downtown Pikeville.

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